Q Pak boasts a highly automated manufacturing plant capable of producing and packing frozen burger products at a speed of 42,000 burgers an hour. The scale of the operation allows for efficiencies available through automation whilst still being flexible enough to process all products in a variety of packaging formats aimed at maximising case fill, to suit the demands of today’s retail environment.


The facility also has capabilities for cold emulsion sauce manufacture and is able and approved to produce Halaal bacon.


Q Pak produce the following products:
Beef burgers
Lamb burgers
Flavoured burgers
Catering burgers
Vegetable burgers
Food service burgers
Halaal brisket bacon
Sauce pots


Packaging at Q Pak –
Where quality and the
environment meet
When next you pay attention to how your meat or chicken products are packaged, rest assured that Q Pak believe that the packaging used must not only add value to the edible product it protects and encloses, but must also lessen the impact on immediate and long term environment.


Every effort made by Q Pak packaging suppliers to ensure that packaging is made from as much recycled material as possible. The use of renewable and recyclable natural fibres combined with SFI and PEFC chain of custody certification make the board Q Pak uses an environmentally responsible option for frozen and refrigerated food packaging applications.100% of the energy used to produce HMR board
(i.e. Electricity) is produced at the BioGen facility located at the mill using biomass waste as feed.

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Sauces & Dip Pots
A selection of basic and trendy savoury and sweet sauces. BBQ sauce, tangy, hot and spicy, sweet and sour, chakalaka, Sriracha jalapeno and many more.


The Q PAK environmental policy