Beef primals

Neck, chuck, blade, brisket, shoulder, shin, ribeye, fillet, striploin, t-bone, rump, shank, thick flank, silverside, topside

Lamb primals

Bone-in leg, boneless leg, neck, rack, tenderloin, chump, shoulder


Beef burgers, lamb burgers, flavoured burgers, catering burgers, vegetable burgers, food service burgers

Manufacturing meats

70/80/85/90/95vl trims

Portion Controlled Products

Sirloin steak, rump steak, fillet steak, t-bone steak, lamb chops, beef cubes, lamb cubes, kebabs, seasoned rack of lamb, deboned leg of lamb, lamb knuckles


Beef and lamb mince available e.g. standard, lean, extra lean. Free range is also available.

Roasting joints

Beef, pork & lamb roasting joints available either plain or seasoned/flavoured/sauced

Stewing cuts

Bone in lamb stew, bone in beef stew, beef / lamb bones, oxtail

Sausages & wors

Traditional boerewors, grabouw boerewors, farmstyle braaiwors, cocktail sausages, pork bangers, beef bangers, rosemary lamb sausages

Cured meat products

Gammon, corned beef, kassler chops, bacon, halaal brisket bacon


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